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It is not uncommon that finishing a task takes twice as long what we originally thought it would take. That is exactly why we are  introducing weekly planning and reporting solution to teams and team leaders around the world. We are trying to break the Hofstadter's law and encourage people to finish the tasks on time.

Finish the tasks quicker with Weekdone

Finish the tasks quicker with Weekdone

For a time-starved person it might seem like a daunting objective to finish everything on time. But with proper planning methodologies and the right tools, it is achievable. Better yet – it is easy.

We have already talked about the wonderful PPP methodology that helps to bring everyone on the same page regarding what’s happening in your team. But even this methodology does not provide much support if you succumb to one of these five common fallacies introduced in Harvard Business Review:

Number 1: The hard-work fallacy

This fallacy is all about believing that determined effort will compensate for your shortcomings.

Number 2: The smarts fallacy

This represents thinking that general intelligence translates into specific skills.

Number 3: The magnification fallacy

This fallacy is about assuming that your particular talent is somehow more special than your peers’.

Number 4: The passion fallacy

This fallacy taps into believing you’re good at things just because you really enjoy them or because they are immensely important to you.

Number 5: The "wishing will make it so" fallacy

And the most precious fallacy is about convincing yourself that success will be easy.

There is a strong chance that if you are struggling to finish a task, you might have fallen to one of these fallacies. Acknowledging these five points is already half a win. Therefore, if one of these fallacies hinders you, make sure to change the curse. Use simple planning methodologies to reduce the overdue time and give Weekdone, the weekly reporting tool, a try.