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You booked your tickets, you took your days off, all you have to do is survive the next week, and then vacation time! Vacations are the adult equivalent of waiting for Santa's presents on Christmas morning: they're exciting, relaxing, and can even boost productivity.

As your vacation draws near, it can be tempting to just spend your last week day-dreaming at your desk. But, not getting enough done before hand can leave you spending your vacation working, or you'll be left with an immense amount of work to catch up on. In order to ensure you have a work free vacation here are 5 tips to maximize your work productivity beforehand.

1. Set Yourself Up for Success

As you get closer to your vacation, the work you have left can seem overwhelming. This anxiety can be tackled head on with some careful planning.

Before you go on vacation, review your plans and goals that you need to accomplish. See what are the most important plans that you need to get done and avoid doing smaller tasks that are either unnecessary or can wait till you come back.

2. Plan Ahead

Once you have your main goals set, break it down into smaller parts and individual tasks. Keep a to-do list of the daily and weekly plans you need to do before the vacation.

The famous Philosopher and Semiotician Umberto Eco once claimed that, "The list is the origin of culture."  Not only do lists help you get a clear picture of what you need to do, they can even help reduce anxiety and stress.

3. Prioritize Your Plans

Once you have a list of what you need to get done, organize your plans by importance. Mark which ones you need to finish immediately and do those first.

If you focus on the most important tasks and complete those it will decrease stress and leave you with only a few things to finalize before you escape. Using a tool like Weekdone reporting can help you organize and manage your task lists. You can mark your tasks by importance and mark your completion of each task.

4. Mark and Report Your Progress

Mark your accomplishments and progress as you go. Crossing items off a to-do list feels great and motivates you to get more done. Making others aware of your progress is also important.

Weekdone lets you share your weekly progress with your team, see how it works here. If your team has a clear picture of what you are working on and what you have gotten done, they are less likely to bother you during your vacation.

5. Don't Multitask Ever

It can be tempting to start all of your projects at once and chip away at them little by little. Let's face it, we are all culprits of working on a report while also going through emails with the occasional facebook scroll. Though you may imagine you're getting more done, it is actually slowing you down.

A study posted in the American Psychological Association has shown that  multitasking can drop productivity as much as 40%. In truth, multitasking is just switching your focus quickly between different tasks. Try and focus on one task at a time and you will be more productive and accomplish that task more quickly and effectively.

Getting your productivity up the week before vacation can be a mental hurdle. Following these tips you can ensure you don't mentally check out and get all of your work settled and finished.

These tips aren't just great for when you need to go on vacation, but are great to bring into your normal routine as well. Make sure to check out our other vacation tips to make both your departure and return from vacation go as smooth and stress free as possible.