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You've watched the webinars, read all the books, and gone through all the articles about OKRs. But while you understand the theory, you still don't know how your company's OKR cycle should work on a quarterly, weekly, or daily basis.

While you should have the freedom to tailor your OKR cycle to fit your organization's unique structure and culture, we do have some suggestions based on what has worked best. These insights come from the thousands of clients we've worked with over the years.

Weekdone gives you a concrete timeline with actionable steps that promote and encourage alignment across all levels of your organization.

The Weekdone OKR Cycle.

When you make the decision to implement OKRs, decide which people and teams will use OKRs in your organization.

There are 3 different ways you can start using OKRs:

With a pilot team.

Some companies choose to first roll out OKRs to only one team in the company before rolling it out to subsequent teams. This can be a good way to work out any kinks in your OKR cycle. However, the downside of this approach is that it will take longer for your organization to get the full value out of OKRs.

Starting with team leaders.

Other companies prefer to initially roll out OKRs to team leads and managers. This simplifies the OKR process. Since managers and team leads will be very involved in the OKR process, it's good to get them started first. Then it will be easier for them to implement it with their team. The downside to this method is the same as the previous methods: it will take longer to get everyone on board.

Going all in with the entire company.

Implementing OKRs with everyone at once is a daunting task. But in SME's or companies with flat hierarchies, it can work quite well.

Getting the full value out of using OKRs can take 2-3 quarters. The sooner you start, the sooner you can start seeing the value. If you do decide to start with everyone right away, it can be easier to just start with Company level and Team level OKRs. On personal level have the individuals focus on updating their weekly plans.

Weekdone - Team of Superheroes

Whichever option you go with, Weekdone's onboarding team will make sure everyone is trained on how to use OKR Methodology and the Weekdone software. This way you can get up and running as quickly as possible Schedule a Getting Started Meeting and we will design a customized training plan to get everyone trained and on-boarded right away.