OKR Goal Tracking & Status Reporting

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Step 1 – Register

Register for Weekdone.

Step 2 – Upgrade

Go to Upgrade Package under your account.

Step 3 – Apply discount

Enter the code BF2020 in discount and click on "Apply discount code".

Step 4 – Subscribe

Click on "Subscribe" and choose your package. The discount will be applied to these prices. Click Subscribe again and complete checkout!

Weekdone Features

Here are a list of powerful features Weekdone can offer your team:

– Align company and team with quarterly goals (OKRs) to move everyone in a unified direction.
– Weekly Check-ins allow you to plan your week and see how you will achieve your goals.
Stay up to date with what everyone is doing with the Newsfeed.
Give feedback and recognition to your employees through the week.
– Private manager and employee chat for 1:1s.

All paid plans get one on one coaching in OKR and Weekly Check-ins so you can maximize your results with Weekdone!

See Weekdone in Action

Weekdone Product Demo and Walk-through