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Since introducing the Objectives feature at Weekdone, the Design team has been tasked to "Constantly improve our User Experience and visual identity".

Weekdone design team objectives

You have said what you think (thanks to everyone actively giving us feedback!) and we have listened. You wanted an even cleaner interface so you could focus on just the reports. We delivered. Today, after a long test period, we are now ready to present you a fine-tuned interface.

Distraction-free mode

A new overhauled navigation logic & interface for entering or reading reports without clutter. You can now always access the team dashboard, active #projects, sections and people. We also wanted to show some love for #tag and category views – so we included a miniature dashboard for each of them.

Updated sidebar and navigation design

Introducing Buzz

Check Weekdone Buzz whenever you feel left out of your team's activities. Read Buzz daily (or hourly) to see how your team is doing. Perfect for telecommuters, remote teams and large offices. Think of it as a Facebook feed for your team's productivity.

Weekdone Buzz

Check out Weekdone Buzz

Any feedback on the new improvements?