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Coworkers, bosses, clients. They are all wondering how do they possess such limitless power to see and envision the detailed future. They are the "Steve Jobs" of the company – the visionaries.

Dr. Futuristic

According to their strength, you can spot the Dr. Futuristics by looking for people who often start their sentences with "Wouldn't it be great if…". They predict trends and keep coming up with new solutions. Sometimes, you have a hard time understanding them, because they are always a few steps ahead of everybody. Encourage them to use more details and visualisations to illustrate their ideas.

They have a rare talent to raise co-workers spirits by describing a better future that brings everybody hope and meaning to their work. Make sure you surround the Dr. Futuristic with people who help them put their visions into motion. Also, keep in mind that they live for the future. Use that to your advantage, ask questions about the company, project or task, they are happy to provide innovative ideas that help you with your work. Win-Win.

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In case you recognized yourself, we have some recommendations for you to enhance your talent. Choose a role where your futuristic talent can be used to the fullest. An entrepreneur, team leader or a coach. You also have a talent for seeing other people's future, describe these visions to them, help others to strive for a better future. As mentioned earlier, prepare before you present your ideas – use details, metaphors, make sketches and use real life examples. That way there is a bigger chance of your visions coming true to life.

Your visions are more likely to come true if you give your work more structure. Use tools like Weekdone that allow you to organize your goals and tasks, so others can understand and follow you to a better future.

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