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With the school year ending, a lot of new people are trying to decide, what they're going to do with their life. What's more, globally, 207 million people are already looking for work. Competition for best jobs is fierce with people wondering about where to get the best salary, and where is the employee engagement the highest.

Where to work?

What sort of career to choose?

Maybe just travel for a year?

In my opinion, one of the best things about this global village we live in, is the ability to work anywhere in the world. This digital nomadship is increasingly popular way to live your life. And it's not only for young single Millennials. Statistics show that half the people roaming the Earth and working from the road are families.

Every year more people choose to work from Europe, from Australia, from Asia. We have the ability to choose and we should not ignore our options.

To make life easier for both students looking for their first gig and people who just need a chance, here are the best places and fields to work in:

Where to work? 2016 Employment and Labor trends from Weekdone.com

Employment trends in 2016.

The easiest places to find work seem to be in Asia, where the unemployment is smallest. But the US is not doing bad either.

Estimated US unemployment in 2016 is 5.5 percent which is lower than the world average of 5.9 percent.

Situation is worst in the Middle-East (10.9 percent) and EU (9.7 percent).

At the same time, EU has some of the highest average and minimum wages in the world. That shows, that you really can't have it all.

Employee engagement and happiness.

Employees are most engaged working in the US and Canada region (29 percent) and Australia and New Zealand (24 percent). So if you want to enjoy your work and have a good company culture, this is where you should stay.

Less than 30% doesn't seem very good but as the world average I actually 14 percent, it's still good.

For more statistics look at the infographic.

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