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Today we're happy to announce something that makes teamwork and collaboration better inside Weekdone.

Photo by Tom Page

I'm sure many of you use Facebook and at times get notifications that a friend has mentioned you in a post. We have taken this concept over and now you can engage others in your work in Weekdone as well.

Have a colleague helping out and want to appreciate them in the Progress? Need someone to join in something asap? Let him know by starting to write @Colleague Name in your plan, progress or any other item. That opens a dropdown list of your Weekdone team mates. Choose the correct one by pressing enter or clicking the name, and the name automatically becomes a clickable link:

They'll get a notification about it, although this item will stay in the report of the person posting. In order to hand over an item so it is visible in the other person's report, you still need to use good old Assign command.

Now you can take on a big plan or report an accomplishment with a life cycle that involves several people in different stages. Specify who needs to do what in the item, for example: "Together with @Josh @Michael @Jodie get feedback forms digital and create sufficient base for analysis by Thursday". Once this is done, Assign it to the colleague who will finish it. This way you can engage your colleagues without emails and everyone still knows who's supposed to be doing what and at what stage the plan is.

As it is already Thursday, you can exercise using this method by doing fun stuff: @colleague 1 gets the coffee, @colleague 2 gets the cake/muffins/take-out sushi by 4pm and assign your boss to an impromptu break.