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Configure teams and invite users

Your Weekdone can have either multiple teams or just one team. If you have multiple teams, then head to People & Team Settings to create teams and manage their privacy.

You can invite people to teams either from the bottom of left sidebar (move your mouse to the left in Weekdone and it opens) or the People & Team Settings page.

As default, all the reports are visible to everyone in your company. We suggest to leave it like that for at least up to 100-200 person accounts, as one of the goals of Weekdone is also improved communication between teams.

You can use the dropdowns to make the report visible only to people in respective teams or just you as a manager.

You can also give Weekdone administrator and team manager rights to other people once they join Weekdone.

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How do I invite someone who created their own company account already?

Change schedule – report due and reminder time and weekday

The default report deadline is Friday 5 PM. Feel free to change that and the respective notification time and day before that to anything you like.

To do that, go to Settings – Schedule.

Reports due is the time and weekday when reports get compiled and sent to manager and all team members. At that time reports in the web interface get rotated to a new clean week as well.

Report notification is the e-mail reminder to everyone to fill in their weekly report.

Change the template and category headings

Weekdone weekly report template is fully customizable. You can:

To do any of that go to Settings – Templates page (you need administrator privileges). The URL for the page is

Keep in mind that the 3 first sections always have special meanings. We use them to automatically calculate completion % (plans done %) and overdue items (over 1 week old plans not completed) and problematic items counts. You can rename them, but should keep the meaning of each intact. When you look at the templates we have under Settings, each of them keeps that logic.

  1. First category heading is for progress, completed items, accomplishments, results.
  2. Second is for plans, goals, objectives, tasks for this week, to-do items. These items should be moved to a different section next week – either to progress if done or to problems if stuck. If the items are not moved by next week, they show up as overdue items.
  3. Third is for negative items which people should NOT have a lot of – items categorized as problems, challenges, stuck. Items entered here are displayed as alerts that require immediate attention.

You find "Add new field" for adding new categories at the end of the page.

When renaming any categories, remember to click Save afterwards.


What is the difference between Observer and Member roles?

The role "Member" under "Settings – People and teams" means a standard full user who can log in and needs to fill in a weekly report via the form. They also get weekly reminders to fill in their report. Member names are shown on the left hand sidebar.

Another more limited user role is "Observer." They do not have to fill in the report and they are not shown in team reports and web sidebar. They can still read the report on the web and mobile and they receive the compiled reports via e-mail.

A user can belong to multiple teams. That makes most sense if some of your teams are private, visible only to team members, and you want to give access to someone who already is in one team as a Member. Then add them as an Observer in another team.

If you just want to have someone receive the team or company reports via e-mail, but not log in via the web and mobile, you can add their e-mail under "Settings – E-mail reports".

Is there a developer API?

There is an open Weekdone Developer API at

Using the API you can access all the data about your teams, people, their items, full reports etc.

You can use the API to build your own dashboards, report formats and outputs, integrate with other services, build imports and exports etc.

Read more about the Weekdone Developer API here.

Can one person have the same report under multiple teams?

Yes.  The default way is if a person is in multiple teams to have a different form they need to fill in for each team. This is good for example in case of project teams or separate management and lower level teams. In that case Your Form will start showing multiple separate forms for the person.

Another option is for a person to belong to multiple teams and show a parallel copy of their report in multiple teams. For that you can turn on the "Users have the same report in all teams" checkbox on Template Settings page.

There are some limitations though. For the parallel teams form to work, all teams must share the same schedule and same template, no custom weekdays or custom team fields in template unfortunately.


Can different teams have different schedule?

Absolutely. You can set a different weekday schedule for different team's reports.

You might want to have your Design and Development teams report on Monday, Marketing on Tuesday and team leaders to Management on Wednesday – or however you want.

To enable that, go to Schedule Settings page and disable the checkbox "All teams in the company use the same schedule." Then choose the day time for each team tab. You can even set a different time zone for each team. Then click "Update" to save. All done.

One caveat: Setting different schedules for teams disables the "Everyone" view. The reason for that is team repors would be overlapping, so you can't have the usual 7-day view for whole company. Otherwise it would include someone's report week beginning, another one's ending and it would be a mess.