Change the template and category headings

Weekdone weekly report template is fully customizable. You can:

  • Choose another ready-made template
  • Rename category headings
  • Add your own category headings and questions

To do any of that go to Settings – Templates page (you need administrator privileges). The URL for the page is

Keep in mind that the 3 first sections always have special meanings. We use them to automatically calculate completion % (plans done %) and overdue items (over 1 week old plans not completed) and problematic items counts. You can rename them, but should keep the meaning of each intact. When you look at the templates we have under Settings, each of them keeps that logic.

  1. First category heading is for progress, completed items, accomplishments, results.
  2. Second is for plans, goals, objectives, tasks for this week, to-do items. These items should be moved to a different section next week – either to progress if done or to problems if stuck. If the items are not moved by next week, they show up as overdue items.
  3. Third is for negative items which people should NOT have a lot of – items categorized as problems, challenges, stuck. Items entered here are displayed as alerts that require immediate attention.

You find "Add new field" for adding new categories at the end of the page.

When renaming any categories, remember to click Save afterwards.