Implementation guide & Getting Started with Weekdone

  1. How Weekdone works – a quick visual reminder on the main steps
  2. Tutorial – self-paced tutorial slides to get the basics
  3. 4-step usage flow – how the 4-step process between manager and employees works
  4. PPP – the Progress, Plans, Problems methodology – the logic behind the default best practice reporting process
  5. Full FAQ & help materials

Weekdone quickstart

Configure the 3 parts below and you'll soon have the reports and dashboards from your team available to you. Most steps below are optional and if you're happy with the defaults, just invite your team members.


Set your timezone, mark the time and day you want the reports to be compiled and when should we notify your team to fill them.Read more

People & Teams

Invite team members, create different teams and move users between them. Set up access roles and administrators.Read more


Choose between premade best-practice reporting templates or roll your own. You can add as many questions as you like.Read more