To sum it up quickly, how does Weekdone work?

You have a personal page – "your form" – that you fill in daily or at least once per week. That lets your co-workers and manager know your this week's goals, last week's accomplishments, have you had any challenges and is there anything else you would like to share with co-workers. You can even use it as a lightweight task manager.

A compilation of all personal forms from a company or team is called a "team report". There you can read what others are doing, comment and like. That way you are all up to date on team plans and progress, and can give feedback to each other. Weekdone is all about improving team internal communications and team sharing.

The default form uses a structure called PPP – but your manager can choose whatever template and section headings they like. In PPP, accomplishments done during the week goes under Progress, next week's plans and goals under Plans and if there were any problematic unsolved issues these go under Problems. There's also a special category called Postponed or On Hold – that's where unfinished items move to automatically at the end of the week.

At the scheduled deadline – the default is Friday 5 PM – Weekdone compiles the automatic report and e-mails it to all users.

While the e-mail report goes out just once per week, the best way is to use Weekdone daily as you go.

You start working on something, you add it under plans.

You get it done, move it under progress.

You get stuck, you move it under problems.

For a more thorough description of Weekdone flow and PPP process, please see:

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