Product Design & Development in 2018

Calendar view

  • Done Calendar view for weekly plans
  • Done Syncing calendar to 3rd party applications


  • Done Possibility to add images/attachments


  • Done OKR Wizard – step by step guide to adding OKRs
  • Done New user intro blocks – tips/help
  • In progress Getting started with Weekdone – guide to start
  • In progress Supporthero/FAQ materials update
  • In progress Product videos

Simplifying UX/UI

  • Done Possibility to minimize dashboard graphs
  • Done Improved navigation in sidebar
  • Done Showing less levels

Start page

  • Done Home page with OKR/Weekly/Newsfeed on a single page view

1:1 & Feedback

  • Done -1:1 feedback between managers and employees
  • In progress Recognition and peer feedback – improved leaderboard


  • In progress Updates to mobile app