Product Design & Development in 2018

Educate and wow me about how Weekdone works

  • Done Getting started – give basic materials and first steps to get started
  • Done Intro blocks – show introduction guide for each main page
  • Done New product videos
  • Done Rewrite & update all Supporthero/FAQ with GIF videos
  • Done Update interactive onboarding chatbot

Get started with team and organization

  • Done Possibility to import teams with CSV
  • Done Possibility to add teams and people without going to settings
  • Done Update people & teams UX/UI, make teams collapsable
  • Done Update invite flows and e-mails

Get started with first OKRs + PPPs tree

  • Done OKR Wizard – step by step guide to adding good OKRs 
  • Done Adding and building OKRs from Hierarchy view
  • Done Make +Add actions more obvious, show what should I do next

Give better data output to manage a team

  • Done TV dashboard
  • Done User activity logs
  • Done Updated filter views for OKRs – by categories, by users, by objectives

Make Weekdone core everyday work management tool

  • Done Calendar view for weekly plans
  • Done Syncing calendar to 3rd party applications
  • Done Attachments – possibility to add images/attachments to weekly plans
  • Done Keyboard shortcuts for quicker navigation
  • Done +Quick add – quickly add weekly tasks from desktop and mobile
  • Done Better reminders and notifications of due items and changes

Connect weekly work with quarterly goals

  • Done View and add linked weekly items from OKRs
  • Done View and add OKRs from weekly planning view
  • Done Home page with OKR/Weekly on a single page
  • Done Weekly by objectives personal view
  • Done Prompt Key Result update after moving linked items to Done category

Simplify UX/UI

  • Done Improve navigation indicators and page titles
  • Done Possibility to minimize dashboard graphs
  • Done Possibility to close people sidebar
  • Done Showing less open in Company views
  • Done Better tools for linking and unlinking OKRs (undo)

1:1 & Feedback

  • Done 1:1 feedback between managers and employees
  • Done Give recognition and peer feedback to anyone