Product Design & Development in 2019

Educate and wow me about how Weekdone works

  • In progress Learning center to learn OKRs & Weekdone
  • Interactive Product Tours & step-by-step guides
  • Improved empty states & example data

Get started with my team and organization

  • In progress People & Teams improved people management – better tools for adding, moving, deleting
  • Done Org Chart – see visually how your organization is set up in Weekdone

Get started with first OKRs + PPPs tree

  • In progress  Personalized & relevant OKR examples inside the product
  • Improve OKR hierarchy adding & assigning functions

Give me, the leader, better output and guidance to manage my team

  • Smart statuses – single status indicator to show how a person is doing
  • In progress  Improved "by objectives" view to analyze weekly plans vs OKRs
  • Annual OKRs improvements
  • Better logs and usage reports
  • OKR/Weekly e-mail reports improvement – update outdated reports
  • OKR/Weekly PDF/XLS reports improvement – update outdated reports

Make Weekdone core everyday work management tool

  • #tags – improved #tags view and management for projects
  • Slack integration – 2 way integration to show updates in Slack
  • Allow better future planning
  • Make Newsfeed more relevant, reduce information load

Simplify UX/UI

  • Done Better tools for linking and unlinking OKRs (undo)
  • In progress  Make all data refresh without needing to reload the page
  • Top header simplification & redesign
  • OKR object simplification & redesign

Mobile app

  • Improve mobile UX/UI