Product Design & Development in 2016

Our major themes and features for 2016 were:

Delight & satisfaction for leaders and managers

  • Done OKR Tree view PDF export
  • Done OKR reports custom report filters & header icon
  • Done Team reports by people and categories custom report filters & header icon
  • Done XLS export in custom report filter modal for OKRs and team reports
  • Done Show custom 5-point ratings in weekly e-mail report
  • Done Copy items to Clipboard under Shift+E
  • Done Personal OKR items dashboard and reminder in regular e-mails
  • Done OKRs basic graphic dashboard in weekly e-mail report
  • Done OKR separate weekly, monthly or quarterly reports by e-mail
  • Done OKR quarter ending/starting reminders
  • Done Show KRs in OKR tree
  • Compiling and redacting roll-up & executive reports by team managers to be sent higher up
  • Tag reports based better project reports
  • Department reports by e-mail
  • Daily Buzz e-mail OKR items
  • Mobile Buzz OKR items

Decrease product disappointments, eliminate limitations & blockers

  • Done Department level OKRs
  • Done Custom dates for OKR quarter starting
  • Done Clone weekly items to specific persons
  • Done OKRs to weekly items linking improvements in dropdown menu
  • Done OKR tab: keep the selection open when switching Q's
  • Done Aligned OKRs sub-pages from OKR dashboard graph
  • Done More robust and re-styled search. Show item date. Search results sub-page/tabs.
  • Done Assign / Clone / Move OKR to another person, team or level from dropdown
  • Privacy permissions for categories
  • Privacy permissions for 5-point ratings
  • Privacy permissions for OKRs
  • Privacy for departments

Small delights & design candy 🍭

  • Done Show which objectives are linked
  • Done OKR quarter selection back and forth paging arrows
  • Done In report by categories sort people inside category alphabetically
  • Done Add link and icon back to dashboard to OKR Tree page header
  • Done OKR Tree better separation of company/team/department/person OKRs by icons
  • Done Better Chrome middle mouse button click handlink in OKRs and tags report
  • Done Disabled (linked) KR progress bar style changes
  • Done Emoji & like interaction review
  • Done Animated comment and like icons
  • Done Using domain favicon for company logo in onboarding flows and Design Settings
  • DoneFooter review – simplify for logged-in and new users
  • Show active online green bubble icon for people

Scale: Better usability for large accounts (1000+ users)

  • Done Department levels support
  • Done By collapsing and auto-loading on expand shorten /all report for large teams

Integrations: Get data easily in from other products and send notifications to them – less duplication & manual data entry

  • Done Improve Zapier zaps
  • Export to Slack channels: deadline notification, compiled report link, Buzz messages, new items
  • Slack bot to ask to regularly fill in your Weekdone

Increase mobile usage & improve it

  • Done Departments support on mobile
  • Done Google+ login on iOS
  • Done Review OKR styling on mobile
  • More mobile-like & convenient mobile UI

Increase activation for new trial users

  • Done New onboarding tips flow
  • Done Onboarding questions to better understand signup goals and benefits
  • Done Start the help videos project
  • Done Start designing new FAQ and knowledge base

Internal back-office & workflow improvements

  • Done Improved invoices filtering in internal admin
  • Done Improved /prices page
  • Done Better product analytics via session recording
  • Done Tuning: Ver 2 of our team's internal KPI dashboard & Office TV

Like you see, a lot got done. Hope you enjoy those parts.

Feel free to send your suggestions for improvement areas to Together we can make it better for you.