Product Design & Development in 2015

The themes and features for late 2015 were:

Getting reports in format I need and like a.k.a. "delight for managers"

  • Done Allow expanding items in-line in report by tags page
  • Done Refreshed design for dashboard graphs, showing better week by week history
  • Done PDF dropdown additions to better select what to include in OKR and report views
  • Custom report generation and additional view options
  • CSV export – either in PDF dropdown or Shift+E action

Increased employee engagement, delight & single-user value

  • Done Support for emojis 😎❤🎇
  • Done Updated Done Android app
  • Done Weekly review improvements and next iteration
  • Personal dashboard for self-improvement
  • Done Weekdone app for Windows 10

Increase everyday value and engagement

  • Done 5-point rating scale questions and result graphs
  • Done Personal notifications under bell corner icon with new style

Better usability for large teams

  • Done Hierarchical OKR page split into levels instead of one longer page
  • Done Shortened everyone report for large teams
  • Done Department levels

Decrease product disappointments

  • Done Allow copying existing OKRs to next quarter
  • Done OKR hierarchy tree time period selection
  • Done Assign / copy / clone OKRs to another person or team
  • OKR that continues from one quarter to another

Increase mobile usage

  • Done Continuous improvements to mobile UI and UX

Less duplication & manual work with other products (integrations)

  • Done First version of Slack integration is live, to send items from Slack to Weekdone
  • Done Zapier integration available from personal imports page – connect to over 300 external services
  • Next iteration of Slack exports from Weekdone

Easily getting reports for managers to send up to their bosses

  • Roll-up and executive reports for sending up improvements

Our internal workflow tools improvements to serve you better

  • Done New shiny activity dashboard on our office TV screen – yay!

Increase activation for new trial users

  • Done Better onboarding from administrators: new tips, modals, progress bar
  • Done Allow registration directly from landing page
  • Done Various landing page improvements
  • Review default template categories
  • Simplified view of report pages
  • Done Show team indicators in dashboard's people table