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Weekdone is so proud to present our very first free eBook. It would still be hot off the press if we didn't live in the digital era. Countless hours of discussions with the clients, learning from others' and our own experience, we summarized the essentials and bound it to a simple handbook.

Each Monday countless people step into the office and find themselves in the middle of chaos: countless unread e-mails, piles of unfinished paperwork and projects waiting to be handled. In situations like these, it is easy to lose direction and wander down the wrong road. Often they find ourselves not having enough time for the work that really matters.

So, we spare time for tasks that are urgent but perhaps not important, answer all the e-mails in a matter of seconds and attend each meeting. We find ourselves being extremely busy and as our CEO and Chief Productivity Officer Jüri Kaljundi put it:

"often we find ourselves so immersed in task management and productivity applications that we don't seem to be able to step back a bit and look at the bigger picture"

So spare just a few minutes, take only one little step back and download our simple handbook. This eBook is for every time-starved manager who just needs to get the 'week done' efficiently. As our sole mission is to help leaders and managers around the world save time and concentrate on tasks that matter the most, this free guide is put together keeping in mind the best management theories: the PPP methodology, the Eisenhower matrix and the Pareto principle.

The handbook takes less than a quarter-hour to read, but offers valuable suggestions on:

  • spotting the tasks that matter the most,
  • finding time for things that give the most results,
  • small changes that could be implemented to your weekly schedule now

The eBook is available in both PDF and ePub formats (for tablets and smartphones). Feel free to print it out and share with your teammates. Keep it handy and reflect on it any time you feel out of focus. Achieve your maximum by applying these tips and tricks to your Weekdone usage.