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Over the last few years, OKRs, Objectives and Key Result, have become more and more popular. The fact that John Doerr published his book on OKR goal setting has helped a lot. But it has also a lot to do with OKRs being one of the best goal setting methodologies out there.

That is why, we have published a new free ebook, to help you understand and implement the OKR approach. Here it is: "Objectives and Key Results: The Book"

Objectives and Key Results: The Book

Objectives and Key Results: The Book

Why you should read "Objectives and Key Results: The Book"?

There are many resources published on the methodology as well. Yet, most of them deal with the basics of the system. They talk more about why OKRs are good,, rather than helping to put them in practice. That is why, we have now published our new eBook "Objectives and Key Results: The Book"

This book is an advanced guide to OKRs that helps you to implement the system in your team and company. It shows readers advanced use cases and makes sure everyone can start ripping the benefits of the OKR system right now.

So this book is about "getting from knowing OKRs to using OKRs."

From the What to the Why and How. It's best to know a little about the methodology before reading this book (although we do cover the basics).

So, if you don't know what OKRs are, just Google it (seriously, they are great at using the system). Find out how Google implemented OKRs. Read about John Doerr's experiences on promoting it. And then get ready to succeed with this book.

Real examples of OKRs.

One of the big advantages of this book is the amount of examples of real OKRs you'll find in this book. If you are a new manager setting OKRs and can not figure out what yours should be, "Objectives and Key Results: The Book" will help you.

Common mistakes of implementing OKRs.

There are many pitfalls both new and experienced OKR users might fall for. In this book you'll find a chapter on the most common ones and how to avoid them in your own work.

Meet Sam.

The book also includes the story of Sam. A manager who is in the middle of implementing OKRs. That part of the book will be easy to relate to to most managers who struggle with setting the right goals. And it should give you confidence that you, too, can do it.

Setting the right goals.

Setting the right goals is the most important aspect of success. And the only way to learn how to set goals, is doing a lot of research and learning from the mistakes of others. And if you think, you need to start with the basics, you can also read our previous ebook "Step by Step Guide to OKRs. "

Weekdone will help.

Over the last 6 years, Weekdone has helped thousands of teams refocus their work, achieve their goals, and grow their companies.

Weekdone is, at its core, an app that helps you get work done. It is designed to make using OKRs easy and transparent. And it let's you track weekly progress with PPP based weekly status reporting.

Weekdone puts a lot of effort into training our users on how to use and implement OKRs. Weekdone's dedicated customer success team makes sure, OKR users avoid common mistakes and have an easier time implementing and learning the system.

All of this makes sure, you and your team are working on the right tasks that move you towards your long term goals. It's progress monitoring made easy. You can try out Weekdone for free with your team at https://weekdone.com/