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How much time does your team spend on weekly reporting? Probably, too much.

I've been lucky for the last few years working at Weekdone. We use the Plans, Progress, Problems (PPP) methodology for weekly reporting. PPP is also one of our core features so we have done a lot of self-experimenting to make it as effective as possible.

Weekly status report

With PPP, I set 5 – 6 tasks for myself each week and when these get done, I move them to Progress. In Weekdone, my manager can see both my plans and accomplishments and can weigh in when he feels the need for it.

However, a lot of employees are not so happy. From interviews with businesses around the globe, we've learned that effective reporting is a big problem for most companies. No one likes to fill out reports week-to-week. Employees often see it as a big waste of time while managers long to get back to real work instead of having to go over them.

Save time on weekly reporting.

Filing reports is a time killer that draws people away from actually beneficial tasks. Still, without reporting, companies will fall into chaos. Knowing what is going on in your team is the only way to make good business decisions and plan work in the long run. That's why you need to turn weekly reporting into a smooth and easy process where employees will not even notice that they're filling out reports.

How Weekdone does it.

In Weekdone the process of reporting is simple. Here's how it works:

  1. I spend about an hour each Friday figuring out what my tasks for the next week should be. This means, when I get to work on Monday, I already know exactly what I need to work on. I can dive right into work.
  2. On Monday, I go over them with my manager. It's a meeting that takes half an hour max. As we both already know what I plan to do. As my plans have already been made, we can spend the time discussing them more in depth. My manager can give me his insights and help me do my tasks even better.
  3. When I finsih my tasks, I move them to Progress. If I get stuck on a plan, I move it to Problems, so my manager knows if I need some help.

Limit your plans.

The PPP methodology limits the amount of plans you should have each week to 4 – 6. Employees shouldn't send you a report detailing every little thing they do. Instead they should use the Pareto principle which says that accomplishing 20 percent of the most important tasks, results in 80 percent of results. Both you and employees must learn to understand what the most important activities you do at work are, and focus on doing them as well as possible.

In total, including meetings, I spend less than 2 hours a week on my reporting. I can spend the rest of the time doing meaningful work that I like. As an bonus, everything happens on the Weekdone platform, so I don't have to deal with a lot of emails. As Toby Young – CTO of Ebury told us: "Weekdone creates a circular effect of reporting and rather than responding to an email you can comment directly on Weekdone".

If you want to avoid getting overwhelmed by weekly reporting, try out Weekdone now. You will have a lot more time to focus on meaningful work and your employees will be thankful to you.