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Setting long-term business goals is the most important task for any manager and leader. Long term business goals show you and your team where you are headed and, more importantly, how you get there.

With Weekdone you can use the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) methodology to to set inspiring and impactful goals for your company. Weekdone allows you to link Objectives with each other vertically, so that you can see how individual goals of your employees tie into the overall Objective of your company.

Setting long term business goals with OKRs.

In the book “Objectives and Key Results: The Book” it is said that the main benefits of the OKR methodology are:

  • Always knowing what’s happening in your team. Objectives show you  what is happening in your team and company. Key Results let you know the status of everyone’s Objectives.
  • You can make more informed decisions. When using OKRs, you can quickly see when an indicator underperforms, so you can be proactive and take action before any problems arise.
  • Focus on the work that matters. With OKRs you’ll know what needs to be accomplished each week and quarter as well as who is responsible for it. This will keep large company and team Objectives in focus so everyone can plan their day and week with the company vision in mind.

Long term business goals with examples.

Here are some real examples of business goals to help you start brainstorming your own objectives.

Goal: Research, analyze, and understand what our users and non-users really think.

  • Sales team to conduct 50 phone interviews with key accounts.
  • Support team to conduct 50 phone interviews with churned accounts.
  • Product management to interview 25 external team leaders (non-users).
  • Design team conduct 30 web-based user testing sessions on new and old users.

Goal: Be excellent – improve to be the best in whatever we do.

  • All 13 teams to have an internal brainstorm meeting: "How can we improve? Where are we not the best yet?"
  • Benchmark everything related to our product against 10 key competitors.
  • Survey 100 customers on their thoughts about where we need to improve.
  • Create an action list of 10 company-wide improvement activities.

Goal: Implement regular usage of OKRs and Weekdone.

  • Conduct an all-hands team meeting to introduce OKRs and Weekdone software.
  • Everyone keeps their forms up to date at all times.
  • People give regular feedback to others weekly.
  • Get well acquainted with and configure Weekdone.

Set your goals now.

Setting long term business goals can be hard, but using a system like the OKRs makes it as simple as possible. So, before you start to set your long term goals, take a look at these examples and try out the OKR system with Weekdone.