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With the global current situation many teams are having to transition from a traditional office setting to working from home. Even teams that had a mix of remote and in-office work before are needing to work exclusively from home. This provides many challenges for communication, planning, and goal-setting.

In order to help teams adjust and be productive even at home, Weekdone is offering a series of free webinars on how to use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to manage and guide remote teams and organization.

Check out the times and details of the webinar below and come join us to keep everyone moving in a unified direction even when stuck at home.

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Leading Remotely with OKRs: How to transform your organization and make working from home effective

For those looking to utilize OKRs for their remote team or workforce to build engagement and a communication. We will go over the core elements of the methodology and get some practical advice:

  • What OKRs are and what they are not
  • How they fit into a remote organisation
  • How to develop good and aligned OKRs
  • Review process needed to ensure adoption
  • How this drives autonomy and accountability for remote employees

In this webinar we will go over the key steps you need to do before you start with OKRs. We will look at  how you can implement OKRs & Weekly Planning in the fastest and most efficient way.

This is not a product tour, but rather a practical introduction and info session.

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