The Learning Center helps teach you everything you need to know about Weekdone and it's usage.

This section answers the What? and Why? of Weekdone. Start in this section to get the basics and move on to Theory, Setup, and Usage when you're ready for more detailed implementation guidance. 

How Weekdone Works - Weekly Planning & OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Tool

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Why Weekdone?

Weekdone isn’t just a tool for management. It reduces the stress and hassle of reporting and gives you clear guidance so you can focus on the things that matter. So, here’s everything you need to know about how it works.

What Is Weekdone for Employees? Video Guide and Benefits

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The Basic Building Blocks

There are four core components to Weekdone: Objectives and Key Results; Weekly Review; Company Newsfeed; Feedback and Recognition. All of these work in tandem to help you achieve progress and make your work more organized and efficient. Learn how it works below.

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The Best Practice OKR process

the flow to success

Agree on your team Objectives

  • At the start of the quarter discuss with your manager about the team and company OKRs
  • Think ahead of what initiatives will help move the team and company forward
  • Start planning your own weekly plans in line with the Team OKRS

Review your team Objectives

  • Each week your team should have a meeting to review the status of your OKRs
  • Once a month there should be a bigger meeting to reflect on company progress 
  • At the end of the quarter review the progress your team and company made on Objectives

At the end of the week 

  • At the end of the reporting period, a weekly report is sent to your team
  • You will receive a notification in the 6 hours before the report is due to update your form
  • Reflect on your week and provide an update to your team and check-in with leaders

At the start of the day 

  • Check the Newsfeed  to see relevant items or updates other teams have added 
  • Review your plans and add any changes or provide updates
  • Prioritize your items based on what you need to focus on that day 

As the day goes on 

  • Mark your completed items as done 
  • Let your team know if any problems occurred and ask for help if you need it 
  • Provide comments on your items to provide any updates 

As you need

  • Give feedback or likes, provide feedback, or offer assistance to others weekly items and Objectives
  • Share important links to provide context for your activities

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Structure and Navigation

Exploring the product is often very exciting, but it can also be a little confusing if you haven't used similar products in the past. This section goes over the basic product structures and models to help you successfully navigate and understand all of Weekdone's core features.

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Best Practices

Getting started with new tools is always a difficult process. Here are some best practices you can engage in while starting out with Weekdone. Hopefully, these little cultural changes will significantly improve your experience and help you see how you can start working smarter.

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