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A new version of Weekdone team reporting service has gone live. In this release we focused on many usability improvements. You can read a separate post on one new key feature – managerial reviews – here.

Here's an overview of what has changed as far as easy of use goes:

Usability improvements

We've improved the date selector and moved it to the header. Weekdone now also remembers your selected time when clicking between teams and people.

The default view for All people is now automatically expanded.

Your previous weeks are now also in edit mode, so you can make additions and corrections.

The comment and like section is now opened via an "arrow down" icon in case there are no comments or likes. You can also see comments and likes on your editable form.

Comment and like e-mail notifications now have links that take you directly to the items the action was performed on.

Empty sections with no progress, plans or problems are not shown in reports anymore.

Deleting teams and people are now possible for the administrators and person himself.

Some settings, like Schedule, People & teams and External e-mails are now visible only to admins and managers.

There's password recovery for forgotten passwords.

Let us know, if there are some other ideas for improvements.

Our new walkthrough

If you have not seen it yet, have a look at our new walkthrough.

You can always sign up for free here.