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One of the hurdles we have seen with some customers implementing Weekdone is getting everyone to buy in. Many people are hesitant to adopt Weekdone as they feel it is not a good fit for their organizational structure. But like any service, it's just a tool and one that can be used in many different ways.

In many cases there are not any clear cut managers or rather people who have direct reports. In fact, as the Wall Street Journal noted earlier this month some companies don't have managers at all (and struggle incorporating them when the need arises).

However, whether or not you have a management structure in place, the same problems arise. Who is doing what? What are the plans? What has been done? Things like these are important to know for any team members, not just managers.

One manager-less company 37 Signals found that decisions "sometimes left hanging for weeks or months" while another company, GitHub had its founder ask, "how do you solve that problem in a way that embraces freedom, as opposed to hierarchy?"

Admittedly, much of our language and features are geared towards 'the manager', however Weekdone also solves many problems of less structured, flat environments as well.

For example, at 37 Signals key decisions would not fall through the cracks. If an issue languishing out there it would show up with a red flag (and a number indicating # of weeks overdue) on the weekly report summary. Not only would everyone be aware about the outstanding item, but consensus decision could be made right there as people could comment on the task as well.

In terms of the creating freedom vs hierarchy, that is easily done in Weekdone by keeping information in all teams visible to all. That way everyone can see who is working on what and where people need help. You can give feedback, comment and like on your co-workers items. If anything, Weekdone  increases transparency within the organization and allows for improved communication.

That way weekly reporting becomes an internal communication tool between team members, not a managerial reporting tool. This is how many startups and smaller teams use Weekdone.

Regardless of your company size or structure, we allow you to focus on the tasks at hand, communicate between employees, and improve overall efficiency.