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Photo by Brian Duffy

Hello Friday!

It's wrapping up the week time. For most of us, Weekdone reports are due today. As you look at your progress, you may get the question of where has all the time gone? And when you look at what actually got done during the week… Depressingly little. Of course, congratulations to those who completed everything they planned. You are gods.

We encourage you not to worry. It's human to take it easy because it's easier to take it easy. Yet, not for productivity. Once a famous historian said a painfully accurate sentence – "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." And then there are the other days when you don't even have time to have a much needed cup of tea or coffee, but the productivity and completed plans of this one single day may compare to the whole of your average week. This is called the Parkinson's law, and the busy days are the proof of it. And the Parkinson's law seems to be simply the human nature in action.

At Weekdone we prescribe you a self-imposed positive stress: create your own really busy day. This post by Laura Stack is what inspired us. After you have reviewed your week at Weekdone, have a read and make some mental notes.

Also, as we're talking efficiency and productivity, here are a few suggestions to use your weekend efficiently! You don't want to go to work on Monday and realise the only "you" time you had was when you were asleep or taking a shower.

So here is your weekend to do list:

  • Take a long walk. Preferably early in the morning when everything is quiet. Enjoy your time.
  • Read your childhood's favourite book. Doesn't matter if you know it by heart, read it again!
  • Invite friends or family over for an awesome dinner.
  • Make pancakes.
  • Take some time to browse through old family photographs.
  • Don't think about work! We're serious.

One way to increase your productivity is to start using Weekdone. Join now. Take a look around and receive a helpful phone call from us next week.