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So it's critically important to be able to set your work priorities and not focus on work that matters. Let’s be honest, many of the tasks you are faced with each day are just noise. Saying “no” to noise, is leader’s true challenge. Continue reading

There are a lot of applications out there to make your life easier and increase your productivity as a leaders or team managers. Many apps look very similar at first glance. However, the small differences guarantee that there is a perfect fit for every team. You just have to find it. Continue reading

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits brings us a great list of 9 items that help make a simpler day. Know What’s Important. The simple version of simplifying is “Identify what’s important, and eliminate the rest". Limit Tasks. Each morning, list... Continue reading

Micro-manager. It's the dirty word in every workplace. No employee wants to work for a micro-manger, and no boss wants to be labeled one.  So why does micromanagement occur so much? Plain and simple, it's due to a lack of... Continue reading

Effectiveness is one habit we all need to learn. Already back in 1967 management guru Peter Drucker published his book "The Effective Executive", which is still as applicable today. According to Drucker, effectiveness is a set of practices, meaning we... Continue reading