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Hello, Monday! Have you ever got to work to start your week and immediately felt there is no way to accomplish everything on your task list? Who hasn't. You don't know where to start and you're stressed out. Not good.

Here's what Jess Lee, CEO of growing fashion e-commerce site Polyvore did, with a core focus on having happy employees and doing work they love:

"She values one quality in particular: simplicity. In January, Lee implemented a company-wide "simplification month," during which all employees took stock of their daily tasks, identified the most significant, and then cut everything else. As Lee tells the Huffington Post, "You're able to focus relentlessly on the one goal, the thing that really matters. To get the company down to its simplest possible state, I asked everyone to make a list of all the work they do, identify what was most impactful, and then cut, optimize or simplify everything else.""

 The same philosophy works for your weekly planning. At the beginning of each week, list just 5 key plans you want to definitely achieve. Make these the big hairy goals. Forget everything else. Sure, you'll still have smaller tasks to handle, but make sure you focus on the important one's before.

If you haven't yet, try out Weekdone to manage your week. List the 5-7 key "Plans" right now. Then as you achieve each of them, move them to "Progress". Keep your potential task ideas under "Plans on hold" and move them to "Plans" only when the latter is starting to get empty.

By having these 5 or so tasks for the week, you'll be much happier Monday morning. Your week will be simple. 5 seems to be a limit that is always tackable. Just 1 item per day. Not so hard, is it? I just did it myself and since more active blogging as co-founder of Weekdone is one of the 5 items on my this week's list, I've already had a kickstart on my Monday morning at 10 AM.

Read more about how Lee approached simplification in other areas at her company on Huffington Post.