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At Weekdone we have always been proponents to achieving more by doing less. Summer is the perfect time to put this into action by using status reports. As a busy executive you need a break during summer in order to recharge batteries and come back to work happier. Remember, happiness is proven to  raise productivity and improve work outcome.

But if you are like any other team leader, the vacation time is also a source of stress. It is hard to distance yourself from the team, you have an urge to check the e-mails and worry about upcoming deadlines. Not to mention the post-vacation blues that hits you on the first day back at office.

In addition to struggling with your own workload, you need to find a way to keep the whole team working properly while they take turns to go on a holiday. And if that is not enough, the sunny weather outside certainly does not make your life easier.

According to a study bad weather is better than good weather at sustaining people’s attention and maintaining productivity. In a research of Japanese bank workers whose window gave them a view of the weather, a 1-inch increase in daily rainfall was related to a 1.3% decrease in task completion time.

Therefore concluding that when the weather is bad, workers are less distracted by thoughts of outdoor activities.

So, how to survive this summer? You could pray for the rain or use status reports.

During summer pray for rain or use Weekdone

During summer pray for rain or use Weekdone


How to decrease post-vacation blues and be on top of the tasks? Here are 5 ways how status reports could help:

1. Let's you keep an eye on the team when its suitable for you.

Although health professionals would probably recommend switching off all work related thoughts during vacation, it is easier said than done. 8 out of  10 people try to keep away from work, but still worry about team's current tasks and spend countless hours debating by themselves whether or not to call.

Having an access to your teams status reports through different devices is the most convenient way to stay aware where ever you might be located. No need to call anyone, have the computer near you or make surprise visits to the office. Just enjoy your morning coffee sitting near the sea and open your phone or tablet. It will take few minutes to get a great overview how things are humming along. Instead of wasting time worrying about work matters, you can get the picture within minutes anywhere you are.

2. Lets you easily navigate through history and discover what got done when you were not around.

The first day back to work is always most stressful. You find hundreds of unread e-mails in your inbox, big piles of paperwork and no clue where to start from. Your team has finished countless number of tasks and moved on to new challenges.

Using Weekdone status reports, it is easy to navigate through different weeks and between various teams. Whether you were gone 2 days or 4 weeks, does not matter. Navigate through history and discover what was planned, which tasks were finished  and what caused problems. Analyze weekly dashboard, which helps you understand in seconds who needs more attention and who deserves some recognition. It is the easiest way to see overdue items, task completion ratio and task distribution for each person.

3. Keeps the whole team informed.

The best thing one team leader can ask for, is a team that collaborates and communicates effectively when you are not around. Weekdone status reports let employees share and view each others tasks, which in turn makes the collaboration process easier. By being able to comment and discuss each others tasks and challenges, the team stays motivated and informed. The whole team knows what anyone is working on, even when you are not around to hold a weekly status meeting.

So, you don't need to worry about keeping the team up to date with each others progress. You don't have to keep an eye on the e-mails, let the team collaborate through Weekdone.

4. Helps you spot a problem with one glance.

Quite often it is difficult to choose the next most important task. It is even harder when you have been away for a while and the tasks have been accumulating. What should be the very first action taken?

Just go back to the status report and discover whether anyone has marked down a challenge he or she has faced. Perhaps it is a long overdue item that needs some guidance or decrease in happiness rate. Maybe it is a sudden drop in weekscore. Whatever the cause, if there is something that needs your immediate attention, status report will alarm you. All you need is few minutes to look through the information to spot alarming trends.

5. Makes it easy to provide feedback and guidance.

Employees are happy when they feel that they are heard. During the holiday season it is quite hard to maintain the necessary productivity level and sustain attention. Reduce your employees post-holiday blues by giving them direction and guidance. Assign necessary tasks that are urgent or use a private feedback box to praise for a great performance. This is a great option for people that choose to spend summer working from remote locations.


The summer season is hectic, packed with different events and holidays. Making sure your own tasks are done by the time you get to the holiday is hard enough. In addition, you also need to keep track that the whole team is functioning perfectly when some is absent. Spending time away from the office could be relaxing, but the post-vacation blues is daunting. Using Weekdone status reports, you and your team can stay on top of things even during this crazy time.