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Deciding on hiring or firing employees is a very tricky task for any leader. You could even argue that deciding who works in one's team is the most vital decision any manager ever makes.

People are always the lifeblood of a company. The better the people, the better the results. At the same time, they must be a good cultural fit, work well with others, and add value to the team.

Even when you find someone who fits perfectly, you might keep thinking that I should have gone with another candidate.

Test your hiring skills with Manager Simulator.

In Weekdone Manager Simulator, we developed a mini-game that let's you make fast decision based on a few characteristics.

Hiring is hard

The idea of the game is to try to decide what's more important: qualification, cultural fit or something else.

Try it and see how well you'd do as a manager.

A tinder game.

Choosing a right person for a job is a lot like finding a good match when looking for someone to start a family with.

In Tinder and other dating apps, you look at a person's profile and make a decision: interested or not. At the same time, to get a match, they must also be interested in you. So it is important to be as attractive of an employer as possible.

If you've chosen a perfect candidate, you must think hard on what you can offer them; why they should choose your company over another.

Like in a relationship, only if both sides get what they want, will there be a happily ever after.

Divorce is expensive.

With real unemployment very low, people have a lot of choice when it comes to finding work. Younger workforce doesn't make decisions based solely on salary. They want perks, a good working environment and enjoyment. If their needs are not met they won't stay for long.

A study of 7272 U.S adults by Gallup showed that 50% of the workers had at some point left their job because of their manager or leader didn't engage with them enough. Workers are happy if their work is reviewed and praised because it sends out a message: "your work matters."

Employees who don't stick around might cost you a lot of money. Not only is hiring process tiresome for managers and leaders, it takes time and resources to educate new people.

That is why, it's very important to make the right decision when hiring. Because a "happily ever after" is a lot cheaper than swiping for a new employee every year.