Team Leadership & Management

You can be the best leader in the world. Whether you're a first-time team manager or a seasoned leader, read how it's done.

When adopting a new methodology like OKRs, teams can easily lose interest overtime or down right refuse to even give it a try. So what can be done to solve this problem? While their are many different things you can try, at Weekdone we have seen one tactic work particularly well with our customers: the OKR Champion. Continue reading

Imagine a scenario: You call a team meeting to discuss yet another crucial aspect of the company's marketing campaign or selling strategy. You get a response from your team members, open the email and find one beautifully designed poster, something... Continue reading

We have tried our best to make weekly reporting easy and informative for the managers and employees. Like many other organizations today, we also work remotely, depending on must-have online tools like Weekdone, Skype and Google Docs. In addition, some of... Continue reading