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Wasted 3.8 Hours on Unproductive Meetings? Free Interactive Team Meeting Checklist Puts a Stop To It.

Effective Team Meeting checklist

TALLINN, Estonia, September 26, 2014 – Weekdone, the most enjoyable progress reporting and team collaboration software startup, built a new fun interactive 3-step program to finally put a stop to unproductive meetings. Team Meeting Checklist (http://teammeetingchecklist.com/) is a free virtual meeting assistant that help leaders prepare for their upcoming team meetings with ease. Its visually attractive design provides an easy solution to send meeting invites together with list of commitments for a productive meeting. The checklist contains 25 thoroughly researched criteria for an effective team meeting challenging the meeting leader to reflect and prepare.

The idea behind Team Meeting Checklist  is simple: before each gathering, the team leader takes 5 minutes to go through the checklist and create a meeting invite including the most crucial details. The system will send an automatically compiled email to all participants, summarizing details and ground rules for the upcoming meeting. This simple solution acts as a meeting reminder for the participants and social pressure tool to honor the effective meeting criteria for the leader. Furthermore, it provides a fantastic base for giving feedback and reflecting on the progress.

As a result of constant struggle with commitment to using everyone's time wisely, the Team Meeting Checklist pressures everyone to honor the rules of an efficient meeting. "On average, people waste 3.8 hours per week on poorly planned meetings, but with just minutes of proper preparations you can save hours of doing. So, it's about time we start planning," said Weekdone CEO & Co-founder Jüri Kaljundi. "That's where we got the idea to help team leaders plan for productive team meetings and truly committing to them by reminding themselves and others of the rules."

While meetings keep taking up more hours in the workday and becoming the worst office productivity killers, the Team Meeting Checklist is designed to help motivate you to be more productive throughout the meeting. The top 25 criteria for an effective meeting makes sure you'll be well prepared. Some of the items you might know, some come as a surprise, but most of which you hardly think about regularly. This team meeting checklist encompasses everything a good helper should include: beautiful design, easy usage and clever social hook to keep you committed. All that is needed from the user, is the will-power to improve the next meeting.

About Weekdone

Launched in 2013, Weekdone (https://weekdone.com) is an employee progress reporting and collaboration service that helps build better teams. It taps into popular management methods such as PPP and OKR (Plans, Progress, Problems and Objectives & Key Results) and turns them into a stunning visual dashboard that gives managers an overview of how their teams are doing. Weekdone drives to make employee reporting easy and enjoyable, so that each party is able to benefit from the process. Available on the web and on mobile devices (https://weekdone.com/mobile), Weekdone is already used by thousands of people from SMEs to teams of several hundred users at Fortune 500 companies. Weekdone is based in New York City, NY and Tartu, Estonia. Weekdone's investors include Ahti Heinla, the founding engineer of Skype and Kazaa and KIMA Ventures, the most active seed investor in Europe.

For more information, visit Weekdone at weekdone.com, follow on Twitter at twitter.com/weekdone, visit blog at blog.weekdone.com.

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