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New year is off to a great start and many new things await you, Weekdone users. So it's a good time to give you a sneak peek of our internal PPP and this month's product roadmap, as well as what has been the recent progress. We sincerely hope most of the plans below will be released in January or February the latest.


  • Release Android version for both phones and tablets
  • First multi-language version allowing to switch the UI to languages like Spanish, German or even Estonian
  • Different report weekday schedule for different teams
  • Allow setting personal objectives
  • Support for showing local timezones
  • Employee dashboard with rewards based on accomplishing internal communication goals (eg each week must enter 5 items, comment on co-workers items, use Weekdone daily etc) set by manager
  • Improved manager's dashboard and summaries
  • Additional data imports like Salesforce or Basecamp
  • Continuously improve onboarding, help materials and tutorials
  • Continuous improvements in usability and user interface

Let us know in the comments or via e-mail what would you like to see improved or added in coming months? Our development ideas pool currently stands at around 150 ideas and requests and we always prioritize them based on feedback from you, the users. So please be vocal about your needs and wishes.


During the last month many improvements and additions have gone live:

  • Many improvements and fixes in general navigation and UI
  • Carry over: Allow items to stay in Plans or other category when week rotates, not to move to on hold or delete (configurable under Template Settings)
  • Improved Buzz real-time activity timeline feed
  • Improved Weekscore and Dashboard explanation page
  • New structure and content for our FAQ and Help pages
  • Live chat with our support and quick FAQ in lower right corner
  • Full text search across items content from header, better hashtag search
  • Permalinks to items for sharings – can be found under Buzz item time field
  • Single item pages are now editable and with action menu
  • Hashtag autocompletion when entering items
  • New company settings page
  • Show people who have liked an item
  • Improved invites and outstanding invite management
  • Better legibility of report form, especially for new first-time users
  • Default template now has category names Done and Challenges instead of Progress and Problems, On Hold became Postponed
  • Stackable (fixed / floating) user header in All and Team views when scrolling
  • Our loved Mr Wallace D became Example user – but Wallace won't be leaving us any time soon 🙂

All in all our issue tracker lists over 45 items released during December and early January, so we've definitely been busy.

Last but least, our team grew to 6 people and moved to new office. All to serve you better.

To monitor our progress, keep following us on FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin for recent developments.