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One of the hurdles we have seen with some customers implementing Weekdone is getting everyone to buy in. Many people are hesitant to adopt Weekdone as they feel it is not a good fit for their organizational structure. But like... Continue reading

In businesses around the world few aspects of the work day are universally hated more by employees than an internal status meeting. The status meeting is a nuisance. It becomes a chore. Some reasons why: The meeting often lacks a... Continue reading

Sunday night blues. Case of the Mondays … Work depression … There are many names that describe the anxiety people feel when returning to work after a weekend off. While the reasons vary, it is clear that the stress of... Continue reading

Micro-manager. It's the dirty word in every workplace. No employee wants to work for a micro-manger, and no boss wants to be labeled one.  So why does micromanagement occur so much? Plain and simple, it's due to a lack of... Continue reading