Team Leadership & Management

You can be the best leader in the world. Whether you're a first-time team manager or a seasoned leader, read how it's done.

OKR - Objectives & Key Results

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a popular method for setting and sharing goals, objectives and measurable results.

Internal Communication, Collaboration & Teamwork

No great company succeeds without investing into team collaboration, open and transparent communication and teamwork.

Progress Reporting & Team Status Updates

How do the best leaders facilitate open and transparent communication in their teams? Using progress reporting and team status updates.

PPP - Plans, Progress, Problems

Plans, Progress & Problems (PPP) is the best-known way to share weekly team status updates, goals and accomplishments.

Telecommuting & Working From Home

Remote teams and distributed telecommuters are more common than ever. Here's how to do it really well.

Productivity, Time Management & Efficiency

All about improving team performance and achieving better productivity. Uncover the hidden ways to be more focused and efficient.

Effective Meetings & Meeting Planner

Running better meetings and better meeting planning is one of the best ways to save time and improve productivity.

Weekdone Product & Company News

Learn all about Weekdone, the leadership and team management tool that has found it's way to many of the most successful companies.

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

Tips & tricks to define, measure and improve employee engagement, happiness and satisfaction.

Customer Case Studies & Interviews

From SMEs to Fortune 500s, Weekdone is used across the world to improve team communication and productivity. Learn how it's done.


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