Progress reporting for teams

Employee Engagement on All Levels

Engaged vs Disengaged

There is a lot of talk about employee engagement. Everyone knows by now that having an engaged workforce has many benefits. However, shows that the rate of engagement in US is keeping steady around 30%. This means that about 70% of companies are not enjoying the fruits of engagement and that needs to change.… Read more


No Place Like Home: How Can a Team Manager Work Remotely

remote working

There’s too much of a distance between you. You promise to always keep in touch, always talk through, but circumstances get the better of you. The calls are fewer, and when you do get through, you barely know how to string a full sentence together. You may be just a few time zones apart, but… Read more


How to Set and Align Team Goals? Use Hierarchical OKRs.

How to Set and Align Team Goals? Use Hierarchical OKRs.

At Weekdone we often get asked: "How to set goals and objectives on different company levels, so that they align well? Should the OKRs of company, teams and persons be linked and related at all?" This week we launched a bunch of updates in Weekdone related to that. There is now a nice visual OKR hierarchy… Read more


Successful Entrepreneurs Keep Their Employees From Leaving

Larry Ellison - engage

One of the key elements of being a successful entrepreneur is having a strong team. That doesn't only mean working with smart and active people but rather it's your job to make them engage inside your company and work together. Even harder task is to make them enjoy it. This has become a vital issue… Read more


Guide: How to Write an Excellent Progress Report (sample template)

progress report template

Falling efficiency, lack of focus, no drive. Sounds like I’m talking about spring avitaminosis, right? No, these are the things that can happen to companies. There comes a stage when productivity falls below a critical level. As is the case with our bodies needing the right mix of nutrients to get better, we should give… Read more


Collaboration Is What Makes a Great Leader


In a small company, every employee matters, that is why everyone in the team must share information about what they are doing, how are they feeling and what they are hoping. But not all people like to share and give feedback, so it's the leader's role to make them feel comfortable with it. Don't forget:… Read more


Stereotypes at meetings – which one are you? Take the QUIZ

Stereotypes at meetings - which one are you? Take the QUIZ

We at Weekdone have declared war on inefficient meetings and in many cases one of the following stereotypes ruins your meeting. Firstly, you should meet them, so you’d know who you are dealing with. Secondly, we all have some of these meeting killer qualities, but which one? Take the QUIZ below and find out. Also, find… Read more


Time Management and Millennials: Getting Smart About It

time management and feedback

Team leaders are often confronted by a hard dilemma: how to support new employees, give them the engagement and feedback they need but still have enough time to do their own job. That problem only increases with the Millennials entering the workforce. The newest generation A study of 7272 U.S adults by Gallup showed that… Read more


How Leaders Make Decisions Using 80/20 Rule

80/20 Rule

A renowned business magnate Warren Buffett once said: ”You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong.” We hope he doesn’t mind us slightly retouching his phrase. Though we absolutely agree with his aphorism, we feel it speaks more truth. You… Read more


Top Leadership and Team Management Videos

Here at Weekdone we're all about helping you to be a better leader for your team or your company. Part of that is learning from others. Here's this week's selection of best team management and leadership videos. Enjoy! The Biggest Mistake a Leader Can Make Management thought leaders share their ideas on how leadership goes… Read more