Private OKRs for Sensitive Cases

Create private OKRs for sensitive projects, to track progress yet have it visible to only the parties involved.

See Team Health At a Glance

Our latest update in Overview dashboards helps Weekdone admins and team managers keep track of the teams' happiness as well as performance.

Assign Initiatives & Add More Hashtags

New: assign Initiatives to indicate ownership, and add hashtags to Key Results and Initiatives to keep related items grouped together.

The Improved Overview

The updated Overview page lets you see more information at first glance – quickly see the progress status of your OKRs and KPIs.

Archive Your Teams in Weekdone

Archive a team to easily hide an old, unused team from current views, but keep its historical OKR data in your account.

Introducing Initiatives for OKRs

Objectives, Key Results, and...newly added, Initiatives! Setting quality OKRs has never been more clear with our new Initiatives feature.