#97 - November 2021

As the holidays approach, it's time to take a look back and reflect on your work processes and organizational culture. Review how things are going and how to improve them. It's never a bad time to refine your team culture and start thinking of how you can upgrade processes for the new year.

#96 - October 2021

Our Fall newsletter brings to light the importance of planning. From weekly planning and annual planning to goal-setting and strategic thinking – you'll find a range of topics that may inspire your future ideas.

#95 - September 2021

This newsletter edition is all about how you can approach your business with new strategies and a fresh attitude. Learn about how Weekdone, Intercom, and other companies are connecting with their customers and innovating their product from it.

#94 - August 2021

Semiotics is the study of signs and meaning making. I've spent the last 4 years getting a doctorate in semiotics, so I wanted to share my knowledge, explain how we use semiotics at Weekdone, and show you how being aware of “signs” can be used to improve every aspect of your business.

#93 - July 2021

Team alignment is key to any organization’s success; no matter the size. In 2021, getting everyone on the same page has become more difficult as companies continue to make adjustments to their operations. But, change shouldn’t mean sacrificing the effectiveness of meetings. This newsletter provides informative articles about the future of team meetings.

#92 - June 2021

Take a break and check your mental health. Take your family on vacation not your team.

#91 - May 2021

This newsletter edition provides the tools and strategies you need to foster communication and build a company culture everyone can be proud of.

#90 - April 2021

Objectives and Key Results are the sole focus this month. This newsletter provides our latest materials on OKRs as well as the articles our customers have found most helpful for implementing OKRs in their companies.

#89 - March 2021

Business leaders and academia have a lot to learn from each other, but often the great research out there gets boiled down to a single sentence in an under-researched marketing blog. This newsletter goes straight to the source and covers the latest research on leadership and management for remote and virtual teams. 

#88 - February 2021

Despite being almost a year into the pandemic many leaders are still trying to rebuild their company culture around remote work. For this newsletter we wanted to share the things we learned along the way and the state of SaaS as it stands today.

#87 - January 2021

Great leadership is more important than ever in these unprecedented times. We have gathered the best articles that will help you become an even better leader in 2021.

#86 - November 2020

Black Friday is finally here and instead of spending, how about investing in becoming a better leader? We've prepared some deals and resources that'll help you almost instantly! Have a look!  

#85 - November 2020

The last year, to put it simply, has been crazy! So much has changed. Now more than ever, it is important to reflect on the work, what you’ve done, and the position you are in quarterly. 

#84 - October 2020

As a leader, you must always be up to date on the developments in strategic planning, creative thinking, and business tools. We’ve got you covered. Read the latest news about OKR goal setting, remote work, and leadership.

#83 - September 2020

Growth leaders manage to grow their top line twice as fast as their peers.  But what does it take to be a growth leader? Discover how to grow your company and develop a growth leader mindset.

#82 - August 2020

The world is adjusting to the new normal. And businesses across the globe need to adapt the way they work and think. This month we at Weekdone are looking at some advice from leadership experts to see what we can learn.    

#81 - May 2020

Great internal communication is vital for running a team. In Weekdone, we have focused on improving ours over the last few months. We hope to help you improve your's as well. This newsletter will give you some high impact leadership tips on how to improve your team's communication.

#80 - April 2020

In Weekdone, we believe that remote work will play a bigger role in the world of work going forward. We want to help companies tackle this new challenges. So, we wrote a new ebook dedicated to putting together and managing a remote team. This book is free for all of our newsletter subscribers.  

#79 - March 2020

With the current global situation many teams are transitioning from a traditional office setting to working from home. Even teams that had a mix of remote and in-office workers before must now work exclusively from home. This provides many challenges for leaders and teams especially around communication, planning, and goal-setting. To help make the transition […]

#78 - March 2020

In March it is time to check and see if you are really moving towards your annual goals. For OKR users, the first quarter is approaching it's end. You need to make sure everything is on track. In Weekdone, we are trying to find the best articles to make sure we stay on track ourselves […]

#77 - January 2020

January is a great time for making plans for the upcoming year and setting your leadership goals. That is why, we here at Weekdone, have collected the best stories to help you get a jump-start on your year. From OKR goal setting to weekly reviews – this newsletter will help you get into the right […]

#76 - November 2019

It is time to look past this year and start planning for the next. Every leader hopes that next year's outputs meet their team and company goals.  Weekdone is here to help you do that. Here are some articles that will help you get started with your performance management, goal setting, and work planning for […]

#74 - July 2019

Summer is the best time to learn new things and get your leadership skills in shape. From communications to marketing and time management, it is good to stay up to date and become the best. Here at Weekdone, we're are getting ready for a new quarter. These articles will help you get your leadership skills […]

#73 - May 2019

Running a business is hard and stressful work. At Weekdone, we know that the best way to reduce stress and keep your mental health is to make sure your business runs smoothly. Here are some articles on how you can set better goals, improve your internal processes, and build your company culture.

#72 - April 2019

At Weekdone, we've been focusing on making our lives simpler and easier this year. From setting more clear, understandable goals to disrupting meetings, read these articles to make sure your work becomes easier and less stressful as well.

#70 - October 2018

We here at Weekdone are already getting ready for 2019, and you should too. In order to grow your company and make plans, you need to review how your company is running. From your management style and company culture to your goal setting methodology, take a look at everything and get ready for another year […]

#69 - September 2018

Goal setting doesn't have to be hard. If you're a smart leader, you should already be thinking about your goals for 2019 and how you can accomplish even more next year. We here at Weekdone are making OKR goal setting even easier to help you achieve even more.

#68 - July 2018

Building a better product, putting together a stronger team, and growing your business beyond imagination all starts with your first idea. We here at Weekdone will help you grow, both as an individual and as a company. Find out how to build a company that can scale from 3 to 3000  people.

#67 - July 2018

Leading your team is all about setting proper goals and measuring the right metrics.  John Doerr,  one of the most influential preachers of the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology, wrote a new book showing just how to do that. At Weekdone, we set our goals every quarter and measure their progress every week. Learn how […]

#66 - June 2018

“Champions keep playing until they get it right”. When adopting OKRs, or any other new methodology, it is crucial to have one person responsible for successful implementation. Here at Weekdone, we call them OKR Champions. Learn about the importance of Champions and great leadership below.

#65 - May 2018

We are a collection of our habits. If nothing changes, what is likely to happen? We here at Weekdone, believe in incremental improvement, whether it be in your business or the way you work. Here are the best articles that can help you improve the way you lead, give feedback, hold meetings, and much more.

#64 - May 2018

We here at Weekdone are proud to present one of our earliest customers, who has been with us since 2015: BMAT. As they grew in size they began to feel they were losing focus on their goals, so they began to look for a better way to manage their quarterly goals and align their weekly activities.

#63 - April 2018

Businesses need Sales to stay alive in the same way that humans need water. Without Sales, your business will die. Below are articles handpicked by Weekdone to show you the power of Sales and Agile management. Enjoy!

#62 - March 2018

This Weekdone Academy edition is devoted to practical management advice. We included simple 'How-To' guides to help you be a better manager and save time. We here at Weekdone strive for making our clients' lives more organized and focused. Join us and don't be just busy, be productive!

#61 - March 2018

Workplace health and well-being programs lead to a significant increase in your team’s engagement, overall productivity, and your bottom line. We here at Weekdone work hard on making sure employee status updates are visible to everyone, giving you as a team member the power to act on that information. See how.

#59 - December 2017

As 2018 is starting and many teams kick off the year with setting new goals, many choose OKRs – Objectives and Key Results – as the foundation. 2017 has really been the year where OKR framework has taken off. We at Weekdone have picked out the best resources to help you to continue your success at […]