Team Leadership & Management

You can be the best leader in the world. Whether you're a first-time team manager or a seasoned leader, read how it's done.

5 years ago Weekdone beta was made public with a tagline "Know what's happening in your team". Every product improvement we’ve made since then (from Objectives and Key Results to 1:1 meetings) has helped teams toward that goal. It's great... Continue reading

Weekly planning on a personal, team and company level is the cornerstone of success. It will help you be more productive and accomplish the tasks that have the greatest impact on your work. And it helps you stay sane as well.... Continue reading

Everybody wants to scale and grow, but few succeed. There are countless factors that play a role in scaling – people, luck, product, culture, public perception, etc. Unfortunately, we can't control every aspect of growing a company, no matter how... Continue reading