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People often ask us: can you provide us with a progress report template? What's the most simple progress report sample we could start using in our team or for me to report to my team leader?

Progress reporting sometimes seems like something complicated. It's not. A good progress report to be submitted to a manager is short and concise. It has few sections, takes just a few minutes to fill and minutes to read.

So here we go. Here is the world's simplest progress report template. There are just 3 simple sections:

  1. Plans
  2. Progress
  3. Problems

That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Just 3 simple words to categorize your weekly employee progress report.

It's called PPP. It's the best practice progress report template used for years at companies like eBay, Skype and leading startup accelerators like Seedcamp. They use it across their teams for employees to keep their managers up to date and co-workers informed. You can implement it in minutes.

Let's look at the three categories more in detail. What are the best practices to fill in the progress report?


What did you get done, that's important? What was accomplished by you? What made you proud and happy? Keep the list short, if possible, just 5-7 items, not more. That's one big thing you'll mark done per day.


What are you planning to get done next week? What are your big hairy goals? What will make you proud at the end of the week,  if and when you get it done? Again, don't list small unimportant details. 5-7 items is just enough. You can also add some insights and lessons learned for your leader and co-workers.


Any challenges or negatives? Is something stuck? Do you need help from the manager or other team members. Share your concerns openly.

If you're looking for an online and mobile tool for progress reporting, try out Weekdone. It's free for small teams and gives you immediate access and automation to progress reporting.

You can learn much more about progress reporting in Weekdone Academy, where we've compiled progress report examples, templates and best practices.