Weekdone Manager Simulator – Test Your Management Skills

Team management is often more difficult than it looks.

Sure, it may seem that a lot of managers do nothing and are mostly there to make life harder for everyone, but, actually, this is not true.

We made a series of mini-games to show how hard manager’s work really is. This Manager Simulator is a easy way to see, how well you’d do as a manager.

Weekdone Manager Simulator

The idea behind the game was to create a somewhat safe office environment (with a kitty!) where you can test your different management skills, from motivating your employees to making hiring decisions.

Take our challenge and find out how well would you do.

What is team management?

Warren G Bennis said that “Leaders are people who do the right things; managers are people who do things right.”

While leaders are often visionaries, it’s manager’s job to bring visions to life. That requires a lot of skills, both practical and communicative.

Test different management skills.

Each mini-game is different and emphasizes different skills. So make sure to check them all out.

And if you’re not happy with your final score, you can always try again:)

While playing these games, you learn:

  • How to set goals;
  • How to motivate employees;
  • How to make tough decisions quickly;
  • How to handle new employees;
  • When to hire and when to fire;
  • What to do with a cat.

The games are short, yet, if you think about it, it can actually help you a lot.

Manager Simulator for all types of leaders.

The simulator was produced during a Weekdone hackathon with 20 hours of work by 9 people. It combines the insights of everyone in the team so it should have something interesting for every type of manager.

Read the full report on our hackathon and team builidng exercises here.
Check out the Manager Simulator.

In case you want an advantage at playing the Manager Simulator, here are the basics (cheats) to keep in mind: