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Weekdone is great for when you are always online, in your office, home office or at a coffee shop. But being constantly alert and available has its own disadvantages, including overworking and eventual burnout. This is why it is necessary for you to take time in your week to disconnect, unplug and return to your natural offline state.

Unless it is part of your contract or job, get in the habit of unplugging from work when you are not there. You donโ€™t have to be connected 24/7. Turn off your phone and laptop. We might think that being continuously available is what is expected of us, but often we are the ones who put these expectations on ourselves. If your boss or colleagues do expect you to be at the end of the phone or email outside work, set a new boundary around your home time. Explain what you are doing and how it will work and what you are willing to do, you donโ€™t have to be inflexible. Be clear and assertive. Your actions could help change an unhealthy workplace habit. – Work Awesome

Though being offline does not mean the end of being productive – with the help of Weekdone planner notebook.

This notebook is your guide to achieving more by doing less. Over the years Weekdone has analyzed how the best companies and people get their jobs done. Now the best practice methods available in Weekdone web and mobile apps are condensed into a smart notebook for your offline days.


  • 4 pages of productivity theory, including SMART goal-setting, the Eisenhower Matrix, OKRs and PPPs
  • Templates for setting your Quarterly Objectives and Key Results
  • 7 weeks worth of Plans, Progress and Problems forms, preformatted for best practice input
  • Custom dotgrid design for notes for each week
  • Motivational and insightful quotes about productivity for each week


  • Template for setting your Objectives
  • Under each Objective add up to 5 Key Results
  • Fill in the progress indicator as you achieve your goals


  • Template to write a maximum recommended amount of 6 plans per week
  • For each item, you have:
    • room for a comment
    • due date indicator
    • RAG-star rating for priority (fill in half the star, full star or leave empty as it is)
    • pictogram-based design system for marking the status: a slash for plans (/) which can later turn into a cross (ร—) for problems or a checkmark for progress (โœ“)

The best part?

It's free! Head on to https://weekdone.com/notebook to place an order for your own!
Our design team has also developed a Do-It-Yourself kit, free download and instructions for anyone to print, fold and be more productive!
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