Best Remote Workplaces: 9 Alternatives for Working Outside Your Cubicle

Are you tired working in your cubicle? It is time to get out of your cubicle and get those creative juices flowing. For daily internal communication, progress reports and insights to your team – you can always use Team Compass. We got you covered, go and enjoy!

Our team picked out the 9 most awesome remote workplaces, check it out and let everybody know which one is your favorite.

9 Best remote workplaces - Cubicle

#1 best remote working place – mountain top

9 best remote workplaces #1 mountain top

#2 best remote working place – coffee house

9 best remote workplaces #2 Coffee House

#3 best remote working places – rooftop

9 best remote workplaces #3 Rooftop

#4 best remote working places – beach

#4 Beach - best remote workplaces

#5 best remote working places – park

#5 Park - best remote workplaces

#6 best remote working places – home

9 best remote workplaces #6 Home

According to a survey home workers substantially higher work satisfaction.

#7 best remote working places – forest

Best remote work places - Forest

#8 best remote working places – library

9 best remote workplaces #8 Library

#9 best remote working places – boat

9 best remote workplaces #9 Boat

We hope you got some extra motivation to leave your cubicle for a second and get some inspiration. Don’t forget to share and also check out how you can still be efficient while working from a remote workplace.

In case you can't go to a remote workplace right away, you can also download your favorite remote workplace wallpaper for inspiration. Just click Save Image As.. (1440×900).