Weekdone now free to use for teams of up to 3 people

Good news just keep pouring in. We just made Weekdone free to use for single users and all teams of up to 3 users. As a small startup team ourselves we know how limited the resources at this stage are. So we thought why not make your business better by giving you all free access until your team grows.

Just keep using the service and learn how it improves your planning, internal communication and focusing on what’s important. That’s how we can help you to become a bigger and more successful team.

Weekdone is not just for reporting – it’s also about planning and personal reflection. We’ve found that in teams as small as 2-3 people – or even in single individual use – Weekdone can do miracles with better productivity, goal-setting and time management.

You’ll need to subscribe just from the 4th person on your team.

Enjoy your weekend!