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Have you ever wondered exactly why and how to write a weekly report that is effective? Vladimir Nikolaev answers these questions in a nice presentation:

For a junior staff member the weekly report is the only possibility to demonstrate his/her management that he/she is:

  • doing the right things,
  • doing things right,
  • loyal to the company,
  • constantly progressing his/her knowledge and skills.

Specialized tools like Weekdone help you to:

  • Easily adopt the best practice weekly reporting templates for employee progress reports.
  • Automate the process of weekly status report reminders, saving time.

Weekly report must serve like a two-way communication tool.
Managers shall not just read, but make comments in the employee's report. Giving employees feedback is crucially important.


Weekdone effectively takes care of the technical aspects of communication and helps companies to seamlessly adopt the easiest weekly reporting process.

Read our guide to writing an excellent weekly report.

effective weekly reports

"Are you an effective team?" – Sally, from the 2013 movie OblivionQuotes from a nice overview on the benefits of weekly reporting by Vladimir Nikolaev on slideshare:

How to Write a Weekly Report from Vladimir Nikolaev
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