7 Things to do During Your Lunch Break [Infographic]

It’s very tempting to take as few breaks as possible during your work day. After all, getting more done is a pathway to success. However, breaks are important. And the most important one is the lunch break.

According to HBR, taking breaks helps us focus on our objectives better. They write: “Studies show we have a limited capacity for concentrating over extended time periods, and though we may not be practiced at recognizing the symptoms of fatigue, they unavoidably derail our work. No matter how engaged we are in an activity, our brains inevitably tire. And when they do, the symptoms are not necessarily obvious. We don’t always yawn or feel ourselves nodding off. Instead, we become more vulnerable to distractions.”

So breaks should be more than eating a salad in your desk while reading e-mails.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 7 useful things that you should try out to increase your focus and productivity.

Most productive people take breaks every hour. But that doesn’t mean they waste their time.

The key here is to plan your breaks wisely and do different things every day to avoid getting stuck in a dulling routine.

Also, while doing productive refreshing activities, don’t forget to actually eat.

Planing Your Lunch Break and Work

Weekdone emphasizes the importance of daily planning. When you feel, you have no time for breaks, it may be useful to organize your work more.

We recommend the PPP – Plans, Progress, Problems methodology to get more done.

PPP or “Plans, Progress, Problems” is one of the easiest weekly reporting methodologies imaginable and a it’s also the centerpiece of Weekdone. Not only is Weekdone weekly reporting built on PPP principles, we use it ourselves as well. It makes sure we get our most important tasks done and have enough time to rest as well.

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