10 Infographics That Will Improve Your Team

How to create more successful teams? What are the key components of a high-performance team? What methods should you use to improve teamwork? What employees want and expect from you? These are the questions you should be asking yourself as a leader and you have every right to know the answers.

In Weekdone, we believe in high standards and hard goals. One of our ambitious goals is to help and show the best methods, ways, tips and hacks in order to IMPROVE YOUR TEAM. That’s why we have gathered the best 10 infographics that we believe to be simple, practical and proven to make your team better.

1# 9 Unique Traits of High-Performance Teams

HPTs – High-Performance Teams by definition are groups or organizations that are highly focused on their goals and achieve superior business results.

Not knowing what makes a High-Performance Team can ruin your business and even cost your job, because in the end of the day results are all that matter. Read more…

High-Performing Teams

2# What Employees Want From Managers

Have you ever wondered, what goes on in your teammate’s or employee’s heads? If you have, you’ve smart. As Ian Hutchinson, author of People Glue has said: “Your number one customers are your people. Look after employees first and then customers last.”

I don’t think that customers should be your last priority but he does have a point. Read more…

employee engagement

3# 10 Ways to Build Stronger, More Successful Teams

Below are 10 simple ways. We analyzed what are some of the top processes and practical tips from world’s greatest leaders. Statistics prove the point.

These are all practical suggestions. You can implement them in your team already today. Try them out, if you haven’t. Start by saying something nice to one of your team members right now. Read more…

Build more successful teams

4# Guide to Motivate People at Work

People are the greatest resource of any team or company. It’s people who create, innovate and achieve business results. It’s your job as a leader to help these people in any way possible to bring out their best.

Motivation leads to higher performance, morale and productivity. Nevertheless, 30% of executives say that motivating their employees is their toughest job. Read more…

How to motivate people at work

5# The Ten Commandments of Managing Remote Teams

Despite all the advancements of the modern age, it can be hard to maintain long-distance relationship. If you are in charge of such team and you want to stay productive, even when continents apart, you only need to follow these simple Ten Commandments.


6# Recognize the 10 Superheroes at Work

By definition, superhero is a fictional character having superhuman powers or greatly enhanced abilities. In that sense, each of us has enhanced abilities that are more developed than others. Some are great at math, some possess extraordinary social skills, others have both and that combination on its own is a unique superpower.

Instead of always picking on our shortcomings, let’s give praise to our strengths and effort we bring daily into the routine of the concrete jungle. In every company and team, there are talented and hardworking people who don’t get the credit they deserve. Read more..

10 Superheroes at work

7# 7 Step Guide For a Leader To Deliver Results As a Team

As a leader or a manager it is your job to create an environment where people can meet their potential. Furthermore, it is the leader’s job to keep the team heading in the right direction. Most of the managers have their own superiors and what matters most to them is delivering results and meeting goals.

Simply setting goals is not enough to actually reach them. So, how can a leader or manager do all of these things without compromising the work environment within a team? Read more…


8# How to Improve Internal Communications in 10 Steps

Improved internal communications doesn’t only affect your returns to shareholder, it also can increase employee engagement, build stronger teams and enhance company competitiveness. Effective internal communications practices help increase productivity, build a better workplace and reduce day-to-day conflict between team members. Read more…


9# How Companies Can Get 59% More Growth in Revenue

According to Gallup, there are four human capital strategies which combined can add up to 59% more growth in revenue per employee. Each strategy has been widely tested and proven effective on its own. We at Weekdone aim to track and increase employee progress, therefore we would like to share the findings of the Gallup report: State of the American Manager – Analytics and Advice for Leaders. You can find the infographic below. Read more…

Untapped Growth Potential infographic

#10 How to Boost Team Performance and Motivation

A happy team is also a productive team. So, when team-members don’t work well together, your alarm should go off. It’s a pretty loud signal that soon the team performance and productivity might suffer as well.  Read more…

Biggest Team Motivation Killers