7 Steps to Beat Procrastination

Why to beat procrastination? Well, it has been estimated that 20 percent of us have a chronic problem with procrastination. Why do we delay, defer, postpone or schedule? Who knows?

What’s important is that if you are ready (or if you think you might be ready tomorrow), then here are a few ways to help you get through the sometimes debilitating habit of procrastination. Achieving a productive workweek is possible and it’s just around the corner.

beat procrastination and finish your work
Photo by Ludie

Workawesome, the blog dedicated to “Work better, Live better” brings us a 7-step list to beat procrastination.

Try these 7 steps to beat procrastination:

  1. Admit You Have a Problem
  2. Set Priorities and Stick With Them
  3. Deal With Your Time Management Problem
  4. Eat the Elephant in Small Bites
  5. You May Be Perfect, but… Let It Go
  6. Put Down the stick
  7. Change Your Thinking and Change Your mind

My personal favorite that resonates really true with what we’re trying to accomplish with Weekdone is this:

“Start your day off with a to-do list that prioritizes your most important tasks. As your day progresses you watch for some tell-tale signs of procrastination.”

To achieve this with Weekdone, open your weekly report form scroll to your “Plans” section, drag them in the order you plan on doing them and keep the list open in a browser tab, marking items as “Done” whenever you finish a task. Not a brain surgery, but demands some sort of effort. Hope you have it in you.

Read the full article on workawesome.com.