Weekdone Product Development PPP – August 2013

Just like you, we enjoy using the PPP – Plans, Progress & Problems – process internally in Weekdone team. Many of you have asked us, what’s in the product development roadmap for Weekdone? What features can you expect? What are the priorities, what’s done and are some of the issues problematic?

We are big believers in open communications and keeping as few secrets as possible from our customers. A lot of what we do is based on active back and forth discussions with our current or future users (feel free to e-mail us with suggestions and questions at any time). So what’s a better way to share our product development plans here in public, using the good old PPP format.

Since there’s a lot on our plate, we’ve broken the Plans down by 3 priorities. High priority plans are under development. Medium ones are most probably going into development next. Low are ideas on which no specific decision has made yet. Items in medium and low are not ordered in any way.

Let us know in comments, what do you consider important next? Something missing?

PPP with Weekdone on mobile


  • Multiple reports per person
  • iOS app for iPad and iPhone
  • Weekscore company and team health dashboard
  • Simplified cleaner report design and visuals
  • Print reports: icon in header
  • Dynamic <TITLE> texts
  • Allow marking items as “Done” with one click, moving them to Progress
  • Improved popover menu for items

Plans – high priority

  • Different template and categories or questions for each team
  • Different reporting weekday for each team
  • PDF export and report saving
  • Resend invitations manually
  • Improvements to iOS app e.g. push notifications, fix smaller bugs
  • Credit card payments not via Paypal

Plans – medium priority

  • Android native client
  • Custom period views and data export e.g. quarterly for performance appraisal interviews
  • Assign items to another person
  • Order and prioritize other person’s plans (for managers)
  • Multi-person collaborative editing: one form that is filled by everyone in company e.g. improvement ideas page
  • Input field types other than text input e.g. dropdown lists, numerical fields, checkboxes and radio buttons etc
  • Longer term dashboard view for managers
  • When report not submitted by deadline, a button to e-mail your report to manager/team later on
  • Copy someone’s item to your report
  • Mention other person in an item, to trigger notification on their side
  • Improved Asana and JIRA imports: categories and statuses other than closed and resolved issues
  • Additional imports: Basecamp, Pivotaltracker, Trello, Salesforce etc
  • Show company, team and personal long-term big goals and objectives in front of report

Plans – low priority

  • Google Apps login support
  • Tasks marked as private
  • Better dashboards and reports for external services like Asana and JIRA
  • Personal dashboards and statistics related to connected services like GMail
  • Move items between weeks
  • Due times and dates for items
  • Multi-week views
  • Time periods other than week (e.g. bi-weekly, monthly etc)
  • Small newsfeed of everyone’s last actions
  • Indicate new items from each person in sidebar in real time
  • Customize dashboard and Weekscore (e.g. allow custom variables or turning off something)
  • Conduct performance appraisal and company happiness surveys
  • Multi-company account switching
  • Multi-language support
  • Upload and attach files to items
  • Daily progress reports via e-mail
  • Better Firefox and Chrome extensions/add-ons
  • Delete item from on hold plans, but not from older weeks
  • Rate happiness every day – daily reminders
  • Trending #hashtags


  • Keep simplifying navigation and UI/UX
  • Provide better payment methods not via Paypal
  • Make iOS app fully native and working offline
  • Anything you would add as a customer?

We’ll keep posting our progress continuously from now on, so keep following us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ for recent developments.