Weekdone goes enterprise: multiple reports per person

When we launched Weekdone earlier this year, most of our users were single teams of up to 10 users. Not anymore. Today Weekdone is used by multiple Fortune 500 and public companies in various structures and departments. Many of you have hundreds of users in the system.

Our recent goal has been to make the service work well for medium size and larger enterprises. Some of you have multiple hierarchical layers or reporting. Others use matrix structures. Starting from today, Weekdone is much better for such users, based on your requests.

Introducing multiple reports per person

Weekdone on mobile

From this week, one Weekdone user can belong to multiple teams as full member and have a different form and report for each team. This means a middle manager or team lead can have 2 or more reports:

  1. One report down, to be shared with the team and employees they lead.
  2. Another report up, to the CEO, management team or head of department.
  3. If needed, additional reports in other teams where they participate.

Turning on multiple reports

To add a person to multiple teams, just use the Add Existing Users button under People & Teams Settings. Their left sidebar will now have a menu with multiple Your Reports links. Each such report is visible under respective team view. If you want to make some of the teams – for example the management team – private, change the Reports Visible To dropdown for the team on the same Settings page.

The only thing that gets shared across teams is the person’s weekly Happiness Score. All the items, comments, likes and weekly review are specific to the team.

As a reminder, there is also an option to add Observers to teams.

Printing and exporting reports

As an addition, the first version of printable reports is now live as well. You’ll find the print icon on the top right of the header. It opens up a report styled for printing. If you use a computer with built-in PDF converter like Chrome, you can easily save reports to PDF that way as well.

Enterprise features coming up

This is just a start to make Weekdone better for larger teams. Some other additions currently under development are:

  • Different templates and categories for each team. Sales and software development might differ quite a lot in data collected. Even if you keep the generic PPP categories the same, in sales you could ask for questions about specific lead stages or even numerical data, while in software development have categories specific to technical developments.
  • Different reporting weekdays for different teams. That allows for example to collect lower level employee input on Friday and then for the managers to report to CEO and management team on Monday.

You can read our full roadmap as a PPP report here.

Let us know your thoughts on these additions. What would you like to see next in Weekdone?