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Coworkers, bosses, clients. They are all wondering how do they possess such limitless power to outperform everybody. Their motto is compare, compete and conquer!


According to their strength, you can spot the Clash by looking for people who are agile, quick and turn ordinary tasks into competitive games. They like and create contests, their presence alone raises everyone's performance. Although they are gracious in defeat, they don't compete for the fun of competing. They compete to win.

When working with competitive people, use competitive language, it is a win-lose world for them. For example, achieving a goal is winning and missing a goal is losing. Also, make sure you put them in a competitive environment, they will try their hardest to win.

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In case you recognized yourself, we have some recommendations for you to enhance your talent. Choose work environments in which you can measure your performance. Use different metrics that will monitor all aspects of your performance. Develop some mental strategies to cope with loss. That way, you will be more productive and quickly move on to the next challenge.

Use tools like Weekdone to measure your performance and show everybody how much you have really achieved. Weekdone also enables you to compare your results with others, so you would know which parts of your work needs more attention.

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Take the Superheroes at work QUIZ to find out your inner Superhero!