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Coworkers, bosses, clients. They are all wondering how do they possess such limitless power to go through all that complicated data. Their “Data Suit” protects them from wishful thinking and unproven theories.

Data Man

According to their strength, you can spot the Data Man by looking for people who are constantly asking others to prove their claims. They are not out to destroy people's ideas, but you have to know what you are talking about. Mostly because, they see themselves as being objective and have an unique knack for seeing the connections and patterns through mountains of data.

You need a Data Man on your team to figure out problems nobody else is capable of. In addition, their logic and analytical ability is needed to steer the company in the right (proven) direction.

Data Men can be sometimes a little bit harsh and too analytical, so don't expect them to be a warm and fuzzy person, they are not wired like that. Instead, give them tasks that require deeper understanding of why certain things are the way they are.

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In case you recognized yourself, we have some recommendations for you to enhance your talent even more. Choose work in which you are praised for analyzing data, finding patterns and organizing ideas. Make sure you arm yourself with credible sources and proven research, so you always have some sources to lean on. Surround yourself with Hulktivators who help you to implement your analysis in the real world.

Use tools like Weekdone to record your every achievement, so coworkers can appreciate your talent. Also, Weekdone will give you enough structure and employee data for you to thrive within a team environment.

To conclude, you are like a wizard with numbers and your rational thinking helps you to be successful in life. Nevertheless, let others know that you are not skeptical about them, but the data they provide. That way the focus is on the task not human relationships.

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